Crying in Commons

Today I got a letter in the mail from my friend Tricia. Well, more accurately, I got a letter from my mom, which was actually just an envelope which was stuffed with another envelope in which I got a letter from my friend Tricia. Tricia had sent the letter to my house while I was still home recovering from surgery, and my mother was kind enough to send it up to me at school.

Also her handwriting is adorable, just like
everything else about her.
I grabbed the letter from my post office box this morning, and headed upstairs to read my mail and eat some lunch. It’s very possible that if I had known what was in that envelope that this is a thing that I would not have done.

Because here is a thing about me: I am a crier. I cry at basically any medium strength emotion. I cry at cute kittens and when people yell and when I get scared and when I’m too tired and when I don’t know answers on tests. I cry at movies and at tv shows, at songs and at youtube videos, when people say really nice things to me, and at like 75% of the books I have ever read.

So I made the silly error of opening the letter in the middle the very crowded commons dining hall. And of course I made me cry.

This is a picture of my favorite people being wonderful.

I’ve reached the point of missing all my friends in Ohio where I’ve started to empathize with all the angsty song lyrics, which clearly means I’m overdue for a visit.  Skype calls are nice and facebook chat is better then nothing but it’s not as much fun as skipping around campus yelling lyrics to weird songs and cuddling while watching Back to the Future.

I’m working on finding a time to make my way up there. I’m working on not jumping on a bus this instant, honestly, but I’m being patient.

I’m lucky I have people I love enough to miss so damn badly. I’m lucky I have people who care enough about me to send me the kind of letters that make me cry in the middle of the dining hall, and marginally frighten the table of dudes with their skateboards sitting next to me.

The letter was wonderful. My friends are wonderful. And I never would have guessed that I would miss Ohio.

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