Whole Lot Of Nothing To Do

When I was at Salisbury I had a semester where I took back to back classes on War Crimes and Terrorism, because apparently I wanted to spend a semester watching gruesome movies in class and low key hating myself for all of my life choices that had led to that moment. It was not a good time.

In those months of horrible classes and horrible decision making that got me in to those horrible classes, I realized a few things about myself.  

1) When I am stressed, I bake. I’ve written about this before, but making shoving food at people allows me to care for them and think a little less about all the things I have going on in my life. One time I showed up at a Hillel meeting with cupcakes and one of my friends took my aside to ask if I needed to talk. It’s possible I am a little predictable.
2) I’m a fairly smart person who likes to amuse myself by doing fairly dumb things. One of my favorite hobbies that semester was photoshopping dragons in to movie and TV screencaps. Yes, really. I know it makes no sense. I know it’s weird. I know it’s a huge waste of time. But it made me laugh in the moments when I was going cross-eyed from staring at books, so isn’t that worth it?
3) Naps are worth it.
4) There is no overestimating how important it is to sometimes take time to sit down and turn your brain off. Watch a movie. Eat some ice cream. Don’t focus. Don’t think too hard. Just let yourself breathe and de-stress and don’t worry about the papers and tests and the due dates. For a couple hours at least. 

I’m taking six classes right now, which is 18 credit hours, which is a lot. I’m working hard and managing all of it, but at the end of the day sometimes I feel like I just need to rest.

Tonight I’m going to sit in front of my television and watch comfort TV and eat dinner and cuddle up under like six blankets. It’s not growing my writing, but it’s recharging my mind.

So see y’all tomorrow. 

Tonight I’ve got a whole lot of nothing to do. 

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