Something New

A new room for a new adventure, with a few old touches of home. 
I’ve never been very good at starting. At starting papers for school, at starting books, at starting tv shows, at starting new stages in my life; beginnings are rough for me.  And this beginning is, of course, no exception. Starting a new school is hard. Not knowing anyone is hard. Being on crutches is hard. The three of those things together is kind of a special brand of disaster.

So I’m sore, and I’m tired, and I’m feeling kind of hopelessly awkward and alone, and I’m trying my very very hardest to remain optimistic. I think my classes are going to be interesting. I’m closer to home, which means I get to go home for holidays unlike last year. I still have time to figure it all out.

Remaining optimistic is one of those things that is so easy in theory but hard in practice. I’m not optimistic when I’m crutching for half an hour attempting to get back from class, that’s for sure. But I’m still trekking. I’m still trying. I’m still going and attempting and doing what I can.

We’ll see what happens next, I suppose. Maybe it will be good, maybe it will be bad, but it will be something new.

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