Maryland, for a little bit

Tonight is my last night in Maryland for the summer. I’ve been home for a few weeks, but most of it has felt like waiting. Waiting for camp. Waiting for school. Waiting for one adventure to end so another could begin.

That’s not to say I haven’t done some good things while I was home. I went up to URJ Kutz camp to do photo and video for a faculty retreat. I hadn’t been there since I was very little, and it was cool to see a place that so many people I respect are so in love with.

I went on fun adventures with fabulous people, and got more chances to explore DC and Bowie and listen to my brother rap while we run errands.

I got to see my little brother graduate high school, and talk beautifully about the school that I loved and that he loved as well. I got to watch him win awards, and hear his teachers say wonderful things about him and everything he has done.

I get to spend some time with my family. I’ve pretty much bounced from place to place for the past few years, and I feel like it’s rare that I spend a substantial amount of time with my parents.

I went to Pride and saw old friends and new ones. I ate cake on the National Mall, talked about condoms with a dude in a dress on roller skates, and got to see friends I hadn’t seen in years.

True, nothing big has happened. I haven’t slain a dragon, or rescued a princess, but the accumulation of small moments is all worth it when I can look back and smile. 

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