I Believe

I believe in the reckless optimism of Leslie Knope and soothing my soul by watching Parks and Rec on repeat for hours at a time. Letting the pure joy it radiates warm me to the bone.

I believe in learning from the people around me. From their lived experience. In learning from perspectives different from my own. In acknowledging the gaps in my own knowledge.

I believe in sunsets and ocean spray. In sand that has taken permanent residence in the carpets of my car.

I believe in scalding hot bubble baths and good books and wrinkled toes and fingers. In playlists curated by people who love you and soaps that smell like lemon.

I believe in text message affirmations and crying over skype. In phone calls and Facebook chats. In emails with links to YouTube videos of adorable animals and in snapchat selfies a hundred times a day.

I believe in action. In marches and in protest. In boycotts and in the undervalued work of educating others. I believe in walking the walk, in all the ways I can.

I believe in looking at pictures of turtles at least once a day.

I believe in the song “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” and the power of pop punk and aggressive air guitar.

I believe in my religion and the comfort it brings me. Faith can be a complicated thing but even on the days when I question, I never stop believing in my community and my people.

I believe in the power of women. Now, more than ever. In their strength and their fortitude.

I believe in self care through baking banana bread. And M&M cookies. And snickerdoodles and lemon bars. In kneading away stress and showing up to the office with Tupperware containers full of treats.

I believe in snuggly blankets and fuzzy socks. In coziness and comfort.

I believe in myself and I believe in the people around me.

I believe in listening.

I believe in pretty dresses and bright lipstick. In allowing myself small acts of beauty when the whole world feels ugly.

I believe, as the wise Albus Dumbledore once said, that “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

I believe in being the light. In shining my brightest and inviting others to radiate their joy and their love and their happiness. In giving what I can. In burning my brightest, even when the days feel dark. .

I believe that it’s time to go to work. To get up in the morning and fight for the people and ideas you believe in. To fight with love and to fight with words and to fight with legislation. To fight in town hall meetings and Facebook debates. To change minds and change hearts and change the dialogue.

I believe that change is possible.

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  1. It's... kind of weird how similar we are. And also sort of comforting. (I love this post.)