I Am The (K)Night

I'm sort of a hobo for the holidays.

I'm up in Ohio, visiting friends and floating around from house to house and friend to friend, living out of suitcases and sleeping on futons and floors and loving every second of it. I've been here for less then a week and slept in 3 different houses and spent time in a half a dozen cities. It's great and it's fun and it's exactly what I needed. 

That's part of the reason I've been so absent from the internet lately. I had finals, and crazy amounts of paper to write, then a little time at home before I headed off to bounce around up North.

Earlier this week I was staying at my friend Mike's apartment. Mike is kind of a ridiculous dude. He's the one who during the summer sent me hundreds of packets of duck sauce just to make me laugh. While I was visiting I borrowed his laptop to check my facebook and email my parents to reassure them that I was still alive.

And uh... apparently I forgot to log out. 

I spent today with my friend Elle and her family. We went to Christmas dinner at her grandfather's house and I met ridiculous amounts of cousins and aunts and uncles and ate so much I felt like I was going to burst. It was lovely.I opened my laptop, logged on to facebook and saw that I had about 50 notifications.

That seemed a little weird.

Well.... it turns out it was. Here's what I saw when I looked at my facebook page:

There's a bit more, but needless to say it was completely ridiculous and completely amusing. 

I love my friends. I love how weird and funny and crazy they can be. I love the fact that when they have access to my facebook, they do things to make me giggle, instead of make me mad. 

So I guess I've got Gotham City to go save. After all.... I am the (K)Night.

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