Easy Does It

One of the scariest things about growing up is comparing where you are to where everyone around you thought that you would be, and where you thought you would be. It’s hard to judge yourself, and it’s even harder to have others judge you.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about complacency. About being too happy, or too fine with where everything is, and how that happiness can be kind of terrifying. if I am ok with where I am, does that mean I’m never going to get anywhere greater? If I feel good right now, does that mean I’m not going to keep striving? I hope not. I hope I can feel ok and still want to feel better and do better and BE better.

I owe so much of where I am to the people that have constantly supported me. I know all of us do. To the teachers who supported me in high school even though I was a terrible student or to the coaches or directors or whoever shaped us and molded us and let us grow, in our own weird ways. I feel like I owe these people a debt, and I have no idea how to repay it, I’m not even sure if I could repay it.

This seems to be a really confusing time for me, and for a lot of my friends. I suppose it’s the ever-present 20-something angst. I guess these unknowing that we are all facing is kind of exciting- it means we still have mysteries to figure out, and adventures to take, and things to discover.

So, for now, I'll take this summer as it comes. Skype dates with friends from school, movies with my family, spending way too much time on the Metro, and long long days spent in my home away from home. Easy does it, right?

has a skype screen-cap ever looked flattering? no. does this one make me laugh every time i look at it? totally.

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