Early Onset Nostalgia (On Loving the Places You Hate)

I took a long walk with a friend today, and it’s had me thinking.

I’m pretty down on my college fairly often. It’s definitely not the right place for me, and I’m glad I made the choice to transfer after this year, but man is it beautiful around here. I need to get better at finding the beauty in the misery, cause it’s always there somewhere. 

It’s possible the fact that I know that I’m leaving is making me nostalgic for things that haven’t even ended yet. I am a fairly sentimental person.

But I have good friends, and for that I am grateful.

I live somewhere beautiful, and for that I am grateful.

I have the chance to do good things and go good places, and for that I am grateful.

I know that no matter where I end up, I will always have people who love me.
And for that, I am beyond grateful. 

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